Monday, September 17, 2012

Lilac Fantasy Cold Process Soap

A couple friends asked me to make some lilac soap.  I like lilac, so why not?  Besides, I like to keep my friends soap-happy!

I thought pink and lavender swirled together would make an awesome lilac soap.  Then Renee from Tub Time Treasures shared a photo of a hand painted silk scarf  made by Joy Hand Painted Silk, and I knew I needed more than two colors.  So I chose to do pink, lavender, blue, seafoam, and white.

Decorative soaps in lavendar, seafoam, and pink.  Two mushroom cottages and one rose heart soap.
I decided to layer the colors in the mold, then do a Celine Swirl (which you can watch Celine demonstrate in this video).  I also wanted to use small silicone molds to make decorative soaps in some of the colors.

Decorative soaps in blue and pink.  Christmas cottage and thatched cottage.
Because floral fragrances can be tricky to work with, and some lilac fragrance oils are some of the worst, I needed to modify my normal process so the soap wouldn't get too thick before I mixed up all the colors.

So I made my soap without fragrance or color.  Then I poured it into 5 different containers in roughly equal amounts.  One at a time I put the color into a container, blended in some fragrance, poured some into one or two silicone molds, and poured the rest into the log mold.  I layered lavender, seafoam, white, pink, and blue.  Then I did the Celine Swirl and textured the top.  Oh, and I sprinkled some glitter on top.  Don't want to forget the glitter!

Textured top on soap, with mostly the blue and pink.  Plenty of glitter sprinkled on top!

And look how the soap turned out.  I was thrilled with the way the colors swirled throughout the whole slice.
Each slice is different, but they all have the colors swirled throughout.  There are a few air pockets.  I was actually surpised there weren't more of them, since the soap was thickening up

Here's a close-up of the pink rose-heart soap.  I sprinkled glitter into the molds before pouring the soap, but you can only barely see it here.

The glitter is easier to see on this soap.  This is the mushroom cottage in seafoam. 

Three soaps are always better than one!  And of course, a dragon always has to get into at least one of the photos!

The single-color decorative soaps almost look like different colors than what's in the swirled soap.  But they all smell the same.

I got a video camera, and filmed making this soap.  But unfortunately, I accidently deleted the video from the camera before I saved it to my computer.  I did make a video cutting the soap, though.  Here's the link to the first of two:
Well, I hope my friends like these!

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