Thursday, May 3, 2012

Soap Supplies Are In

I received my order from Majestic Mountain Sage last night.  I thought it might not arrive until Monday, so I'm stoked that it's here already.

So what did I get?  Here's the list:
  1. palm kernal oil
  2. cocoa butter
  3. sweet almond oil
  4. "Energy" fragrance oil
  5. ultra fine irridescent glitter
  6. pink ultramarine
  7. glycerine
The palm kernal oil is great for making lots of big, fluffy, lather.  Usually I use coconut oil for lather, but I have some friends who are allergic to coconut oil.  So I will make soap with palm kernal oil for them.

I got the cocoa butter to make chocolate soap.  I'll use some of the "Vanilla Hazelnut" fragrance oil, along with the natural fragrance from the cocoa butter.  I'll also add some baker's chocolate.  Yum!

Vanilla Hazelnut soap

I use sweet almond oil in almost all my soap.  It's a wonderful oil that makes the soap nice and smooth and creamy.

"Energy" fragrance oil is a "refreshing citrus scent with fruity notes of mango, papaya and lime".  It smells fantastic!  I can't wait to soap with it.  If the fragrance stays true in the soap, it'll be perfect!

I'm experimenting with using more decorative techniques in my soap, rather than just making rectangular bars.  I'm practicing piping with soap, and I'll sprinkle some of the irridescent glitter on top.  Some of the things other soapers are doing are jaw-droppingly gorgeous.  They've really inspired me to do more.

Rectangular bars and handmade soap patties

I disperse the pink ultramine in the glycerine--it makes it easier to blend into the soap. I use this pink to swirl into plain white soap for my "Rain Orchid" soap. I think I'll also use it in my "Violets and Roses" soap. I haven't make "Violets and Roses" yet, but it's definitely on the list. I'm thinking ... pink and purple swirled together, with white soap decorations piped on top (and glitter)!

So now my problem is ... what soaps to make this coming weekend?  Before my supplies arrived I planned to make a batch of soap with the "Forks" FO.  And I still want to do that--it's a wonderful fir-tree scent.  But I also want to make the "Vanilla Hazelnut" soap for Colleen.  And I can't wait to try the chocolate soap.  There isn't time to do all of them.  Well, I'll figure something out.

I'll definitely post pictures of whatever I decide to do.  Until then, happy soaping!

Gardener's soap with calendula


  1. Beautiful bars! I love the "Energy" FO from The Sage... it doesn't accelerate, doesn't discolor, and stays true in the end product. It's a GREAT FO for swirling, funnel pours, etc... because it gives you time to work with your "batter".

    Have fun! Can't wait to see what you do with it!

  2. Thanks Renee. I'm really looking forward to trying it.